ELEVOSTEO ‘Elevates Osteo-Genesis’, or New Bone Formation.Hence the name ELEVOSTEO.

If you have been prescribed ELEVOSTEO by your doctor, you have been prescribed a very safe and effective product to treat you of Osteoporosis. While our “Patient Educator & Initiator’ will answer all your queries in detail, however, you need to keep the following facts in your mind:

  • ELEVOSTEO is a daily injection.
  • ELEVOSTEO is to be taken in the form of a daily ‘Sub-Cutaneous’ injection.
  • The injection is virtually painless as a very fine (32G) needle is used to inject the daily dose.
  • The ELEVOSTEO injection needle is thinner than a ‘Hair’ and causes no pain if used correctly.
  • The technique of injecting ELEVOSTEO is explained in detail in the subsequent pages. 
  • The daily dose of ELEVOSTEO is 20 μ or mcg (Micro-Grammes) per day.
  • ELEVOSTEO is supplied to you in the form of a cartridge of 3 ml, which contains 750 IU (International Units) of Recombinant Para Thyroid Hormone (Teriparatide)
  • The complete ELEVOSTEO cartridge has to be used for a period of 28 days only.
  • The cartridge needs to be disposed after 28 days & should not be used after that.
  • The ELEVOSTEO cartridge is inserted into a ‘Pen Device’, before it can be used.
  • The daily dose of 20 μ is dialed and injected as per instructions below.
Please call our ‘Toll-Free Helpline Number: 1800-1111-55’ if you need any further clarifications on any point. We will be delighted to support you.