ELEVOSTEO is a ‘Cold-Chain’ product. It has to be stored strictly between the temperature range of 2°C to 8°C. please maintain the following precautions while using ELEVOSTEO

  • Do NOT store ELEVOSTEO  in the freezer or chiller tray of your refrigerator. The product cannot be used again and You will have to discard the ELEVOSTEO cartridge if it is frozen.
  • You can safety store ELEVOSTEO in the door side of your refrigerator.
  • Always keep a few frozen ‘chill packs’ & a small thermocol box with you. In case of an electricity failure, you can transfer the ELEVOSTEO cartridge into the thermocol box along with the frozen chill packs. While these are compulsorily supplied with every ELEVOSTEO cartridge that you will order, please ask the XYATA ‘Supply Chain Executive’ for these in case have misplaced them.